About Tall Poppy Records

Welcome to Tall Poppy Records. We are a boutique record label based in Vancouver, Canada.

Tall Poppy Records first began as an independent label and recording studio that was located within the famous Sphere Studios in London's Battersea – jointly owned by Lee Lindsey and Producer/Engineer Richard "Jack" Guy. Then followed ―Tall Poppy Presents... Lee Lindsey and Friends; a critically acclaimed UK showcase hosted by Lee that ran for over 4 years, and featured interaction and live music by original songwriters in various venues in London and continues to host larger shows 3 – 4 times a year. TPP shows were held in clubs, pubs and bars that served food/beverages.

Then Tall Poppy Records came to the West Coast when Lee Lindsey repatriated to Vancouver, Canada and developed the Canadian version of Tall Poppy Presents and Poppy Café was born; along with the idea of an entertainment company with ―Poppy Cafe as the gem in its center. Now after 5 years of shows we've have a successful Canadian track record. Through the years, Tall Poppy Presents hosted the likes of KT Tunstall, Marcus Foster, Robert Pattinson, and Sam Bradley, Yucca, Jesse Farrel, INCURA, Zaac Pick, Matt May, David Blair, amongst many equally as talented others.

If you would like more information about Tall Poppy Records, or would like to contact us please email info@tallpoppyrecords.com